Work experience request

Dear Ms Gallagher,

My name is Steven Rowbotham, I am nearing the end of my Theatre and Professional Practice degree at Coventry University. Once I Graduate my ambition is to become a Drama teacher. I have applied through UCAS to start my training and I am eagerly awaiting responses from three institutions including Caludon Castle School.

I have been gaining classroom experience in the drama department at the Whitley Academy which has been a fantastic. I worked with the year eleven pupils on a section of their exam performance and observed master classes with year eights. I found the experience to be extremely valuable and further fuelled my desire to teach Drama. I am looking to gain more class room experience, I have researched the performing arts department at Caludon Castle and have been very impressed with dynamic approach towards performing arts, not only trying to involve the whole school but also the community, which really fits into the way I see drama and the arts.

If there were any opportunities for me in Caludon Castle I would be very grateful and would very much appreciate the experience that I would gain.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Many thanks

Steven Rowbotham

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